The Ultimate Value, Grounds Attraction Entertainer. Family-Friendly Comedy - Amazing & Amusing Magic. Plus, Live Music Covering All Genres. All For The Investment of Just One Grounds Entertainer.

Expert on the Psychology & Magic

of Capturing Attention

Dear Fair Manager,

My name is Mike Van De Carr. It’s a fact, what I deliver is unsurpassed in the entertainment industry. For 20+ years I have been a family entertainer. No other act can offer you what I can, GUARANTEED!

How’s This For Incredible Value...


This show has entertained hundreds of thousands of people from coast-to-coast. From the Linq in Las Vegas, Nevada to Fairs, Festivals and Corporate settings. This is a Sure-Fire, Engaging and Interactive program. This show will keep your guests laughing until they fall out of their chairs. 


​Once again, I'm giving you everything you want! When it comes to music, everybody loves to hear their favorite songs, don't they? From the classics to the present, and that is exactly what I deliver. Furthermore, I perform all the music acoustically. One guy, engaging the audience with their favorite songs. I get the entire audience involved. Laughing, Singing and clapping along. This style of performance is great for 1 – 1,000.


Did you say “Strolling Grounds Entertainment?” You got it! I also provide strolling/close-up magic during your fair. Where I walk the fairgrounds… Talk with your guests… Make them laugh and amaze them with some close up magic. This gives your guests another form of unexpected entertainment. YES! Together, we will exceed their expectations... Keep them at the fair longer and show them you went the extra mile to make sure they have a great time! Guess what else?

Everything Is Completely Self-Contained!

All you have to provide is a source for electricity. We bring our own sound system, microphones, equipment, banners, everything. Seriously! Our entire mission is to help make your job easier and lower your stress a little, so you can focus on the important things that need your attention.

You Get It All!

Three Professional & Valuable Grounds Entertainment Attractions “FOR THE PRICE OF ONE.”

Imagine if you hired three separate entertainers. Think of how much it would cost you?

When you bring Mike Van De Carr to your fair, YOU GET ALL THREE Professional, Engaging & Interactive Grounds Attractions… AND MORE!”

What is the “more?” I’ll tell you when we chat.

Give us a call today (816) 288-3303